CReDO services


 By studying at CReDO, personal and professional capacities can be developed in the following areas:


This program is offered to individuals and to representatives of NGOs promoting social changes. Participants will study and master the strategies that contribute to changing social relations in the interest of the beneficiary group they work for.

The program is presented at and consists of the following modules:

1)    The Concept of Advocacy (presentation of advocacy);

2)    Public Policy Process;

3)    Advocacy Planning;

4)    Public Policies Analysis;

5)    “Monitoring and Reporting” Strategy (presentation in dynamic);

6)    “Awareness through Mass Media” Strategy;

7)    “Lobbying in Law Making and Decision Making” Strategy;

8)    Development, Implementation and Evaluation of Public Policies;

9)    “Litigation for Public Interest” Strategy;

10)  “Negotiation” Strategy;

11)  “Cooperation and Building Partnerships” Strategy (presentation in dynamic).


     Delopment of Leadership

The program systematizes the experience of the best organizations and personalities from Moldova and the world engaged in civic leadership. The program aims at obtaining practical results and delivers information from a pragmatic perspective.

Participants will have a real opportunity to apply civic leadership in practice in order to achieve social change; will be able to communicate with the best Moldovan experts; and will become part of a community of persons driven by the need for democratic social changes. Participants of the advanced course will be able to improve their personal and professional capacities.

The program is presented at and consists of the following modules:

1)    Civic Leadership Basics;

2)    Personal Capacities in Civic Leadership;

3)    Professional Capacities in Civic Leadership;

4)    Democratic Leadership (Leader-Follower relation);

5)    Leader Training: Coaching and Mentoring;

6)    Civic Leadership in Organizational Context.

 Development of Managerial Capacities

Management in the non-profit area is a program based on the development of professional and personal capacities. It offers a modern approach to the public and non-profit management from the perspective of the new public management and entrepreneurial management; facilitates exchange of experience between participants; and provides an opportunity to find long-term partners.

The course meets the needs of actors that develop and provide social services, so that they develop and provide high-quality services to target groups.

The program is presented at  and consists of the following modules:

1)     Introduction to the Non-Profit Sector;

2)     Democratic Structure;

3)     Project Management (LFA method);

4)     Financial Management;

5)     Fundraising;

6)     Human Resource Management;

7)     Social Marketing;

8)     Non-Profit Marketing;

9)     Strategic Planning;

10)   Volunteer Management;

11)   Managerial Psychology;

12)   Social Entrepreneurship.

   Online studies are carried out at