Human resources


                                                                              Human Resources

Consultancy for institutional capacity assessment also includes the human resources, without which can not be conceived strategic objectives and functions of the institution evaluated. The strategic objectives of the institution dictates necessity of certain capacities, systems and key systems necessary to achieve the objectives of the institution. In terms of CReDO studies already conducted,  the functions of the consulted institutions are required to produce at least four prerequisites:

a) the presence of a clear leadership role (leadership) in formulating the vision, strategic objectives and coordination of sector assets in their implementation through the directions or divisions in the areas subpoliticilor narrow subsector (based on a general classification),

b) the existence of sufficient human resources, competent professional with skills relevant to the achievement of specific strategic objectives and institutional conditions necessary for their recovery potential,

c) creation of institutional facilities (systems and information resources, statistical data, including software modeling techniques, forecasting, etc.), possessing advanced technologies during the  performance of ministerial or institutional functions,

d) layout (under statutory functions or in cooperation with other's institutions of policy formulation) of policy instruments needed to achieve strategic objectives.

CReDO can contribute to the building capacities of the consulted institutions.