Press-release UNDEF project

Press-release UNDEF project

Press-release UNDEF project[EN]
Comunicat de presa proiect UNDEF[RO]
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Resource Center for Human Rights, CReDO has started  in April 2017 a 2 year project funded by United Nations Democracy Fund, UNDEF, entitled: Participation in Policy Processes on Justice Sector Reforms in Moldova.

 Goals and outcomes:

The project seeks to address the limited participation of beneficiaries of justice services, vulnerable groups, SCOs and less experienced groups in governmental decision-making processes on Justice Strategy and Anticorruption Strategies. Second focus is to facilitate these groups participation in the monitoring of their subsequent implementation. SCOS, social vulnerable groups representatives will be trained and provided with platforms through which they can input into the drafts, the evaluation of the past strategies and the monitoring of the implementation of the strategies once approved.

 The 1st outcome is increased participation from SCOs, final beneficiaries of the justice services and anticorruption policies in the process of enhancing justice and anti-corruption strategy and policy.

The 2nd outcome is increased responsiveness of justice and anticorruption transparency and accountability towards the needs and rights of the vulnerable groups, social segments and the users of justice services.


Main  activities

Working groups formed with SCOs, meetings organized with CSOs to input into the draft Justice Strategy Policy and Anti-Corruption.

Evaluation reports developed on the previous Justice Strategy and Anticorruption Strategy and used in the drafting of the new policy documents.

Monitoring reports and other advocacy material developed and presented on the implementation.

Policy document developed on the current state of transparency and of institutional accountability and advocacy actions.

Discussions and related media activities undertaken on transparency and accountability.


Main beneficiaries:

Access to justice, and assurance of justice rights for vulnerable groups such as children and Roma communities. Gender perspectives are critical given the implementation of effective prosecution in domestic violence cases and the provision of legal aid for victims of domestic abuse to ensure access to justice.

Corruption adds high cost to poor communities that already struggle with paying for education, health and social services. Ex-ante review of draft law/policies, in addition to ex-post review will need to include an impact evaluation on marginalised groups - poor, disabled, and minority communities as well as gender perspectives. Greater transparency and accessibility will yield more benefits for marginalised groups.


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