Raport Executiv CReDO 2011

Raport Executiv CReDO 2011


Annual Activity Report CReDO 2011


This is the 11th annual executive report of the organization. CReDO is in its last year of implementation of the 3rd organizational development cycle based on the 2006-2009 Strategic Plan.


The parliamentary elections will represent a real challenge for society in the meaning of ensuring the functioning of democratic institutions, the implementation of policies compatible with the priorities and obligations towards the EU. 


In 2008 CReDO has re-confirmed itself as one of the main organizations of analysis and advocacy and of provision of expertise in offering policy solutions in the field of democracy, social policies and health. Over 15 researches and analyses have been produced and delivered to the relevant decision-making processes. This year CReDO has played a crucial role in enacting a more liberal and democratic law on public assemblies, has supported the process of elaboration and enactment of the law on prevention and fight against discrimination. Both processes have been important for the Moldova-EU rapprochement.


Promoting the implementation of obligations on the basis of the EU-RM Action Plan and of the following documents continues to be one of CReDO’s main activities. This segment has registered activities of improvement of the legislative framework for the associative sector inMoldova, there has been adopted the strategy for the development of civil society and there have been largely discussed drafts of legislative acts necessary for the implementation of the strategy.


The development of public authorities’ capacities for efficient and high-quality governance has been in the attention of the organization together with the consolidation of the associative sector’s capacities. The capacity development programs in the field of leadership and of public policies are definitely programs of reference inMoldova. The programs are provided in partnership with the educational community from abroad, and thus they benefit from academic excellence and from the practical approach to the training process.


The report offers a detailed overview of the organization’s expenditure continuing the tradition established in 2000 of providing society with all the information necessary for the organization’s activity. CReDO practices principles of transparency and organizational responsibility, the audit report confirms the high quality of the organization’s financial system.


CReDO will be  in the process of elaborating a strategy for 3 years of activity – CReDO 2010-2012 Strategy (CReDO 2012 Strategy). CReDO 2012 Strategy will take into consideration the new political configuration, will address the new challenges of society.


The activity report is built of 5 chapters. The introductory chapters are followed by the description of activities in the field of policy analysis and of advocacy and lobby. Further follows the chapter describing the results of implementation of policies promoting human rights and democracy and empowerment of vulnerable groups. The chapter on capacity building describes training programs and the activity of the informational centre. The final chapter contains financial information and the audit report. Annexes contain information about the beneficiaries of the organization’s activities.