Call of the civil society representatives to the voters of Moldova

Call of the civil society representatives to the  voters of Moldova

Call civil society representatives to voters Moldova[EN]
Apel al reprezentanților societății civile către alegătorii Republicii Moldova[RO]
Вызвать представителей гражданского общества избирателям Молдовы[RU]


Call civil society representatives to voters Moldova

Dear fellow citizens!

We, representatives of civil society, regardless of our political choices, we are aware of the conduct and outcome of the elections of 30 November could depend very prospects of the Moldovan state. Just as Moldova voted for independence 23 years ago, we urge you to practice the most important democratic right to vote come November 30.

These elections are conducted in a very complicated geopolitical context. On 13 November 2014 the European Parliament ratified the Association Agreement with the Republic of Moldova. Making responsible and consistent with the provisions of this Agreement will turn Moldova into a state for people - the rule of law, in which all will be equal before the law, with a competitive national economy, able to provide jobs for its citizens Moldova home and ensure social equity.

On the other hand, Ukraine is the target of aggression from the Russian Federation. On the mainland of Ukraine occur after heavy fighting which killed thousands of civilians, including children, were destroyed cities and hundreds of thousands of people became refugees and internally displaced persons. At the moment, there is no guarantee that Russia will respect its international commitments, and armed conflict will reach our borders.

We are aware that the Moldovan society has accumulated a deep dissatisfaction regarding the Moldovan political class as a whole, and the behavior of parties that were part of the ruling coalition in particular. During the last government, corruption at the highest level was not excised and justice remained unreformed. The fact is that obscure personal interests prevailed over responsibility to the citizens. Striking contrast between citizens expectations after the elections of 28 November 2010 and the behavior of the government provoked feelings of disappointment, confusion and risk causing massive absenteeism on the 30th of November. However, we can not ignore the larger contribution of the European Union fully develop our country in the last 4 years: improved infrastructure at local and national level, given the increased importance of human rights, free movement in the European Union and a more liberalized media views are some of the important achievements made by Moldova with the EU.

Our country is in urgent need of modernization, profound changes in the economy, further investment in infrastructure. It is obvious that only the formation operative after the elections of 30 November, a coalition that would take unequivocally committed to govern in accordance with the Association Agreement with the EU will allow us to maintain internal stability and calm to proceed daily work of implementing European standards in all spheres of life.


In view of the above, we, civil society representatives, call all Moldovan citizens to participate in the elections of November 30, by their vote, to support the country s European perspective. You should not vote for someone, but to strengthen the Moldovan statehood, creating jobs, decent pay and pensions, a better standard of living, better education for our children, that all are equal before the law as happens today in the European Union. Also, by this appeal, we are committed to exert moral tough and rigorous control over the new government in the fight against corruption by high level and compliance commitments under the Association Agreement with the European Union.