The backlogs regarding the governing coalition at the end of the parliamentary mandate

The backlogs regarding the governing coalition at the end of the parliamentary mandate

The backlogs regarding the governing coalition at the end of the parliamentary mandate

We, representatives of civil society, members of the National Participation Council (NPC) and the National Council of NGOs from Moldova (NGOs Council) express concern and regret over the unjustified  delay in the adoption of draft laws extremely important to strengthen the state of law, promoting human rights and public health in the Republic of Moldova.

Particularly we refer to the following draft laws:

(1)   Law 2%: In 2012, the authorities have undertaken the obligation to introduce the designation percent mechanism in the Republic of Moldova through the Civil Society Development Strategy for 2012-2014. It s been 2 years since the adoption of the Strategy and practically nothing has been done in this regard. Although it was created a working group under the Ministry of Finance has elaborated the feasibility studies, policy options for the implementing the mechanism and corresponding legislative acts package, hard work and results of the working group was ignored.

(2)   The introduction of minimum odds of representation/financing of electoral campaigns: The Government endorsed the draft law to introduce quotas (30%) in 2010, but it has not been examined by the Parliament so far. In 2012 the Government with proposals from civil society has elaborated a complementary draft law (40%) which was endorsed in April 2014 and submitted to parliament. Even if the many civil society organizations have asked Parliament examining projects this has not happened so far. The project on financing of the electoral campaigns has been advised by the government still in 2013 without being examined in Parliament.

(3)   The package the tobacco control - Promises and facts. The deceptions of the pro-European governing coalition 2013-2014 which is firm evading to approve the legislation on tobacco control stipulated in the Activity Program of the government, which means the obligation of the Republic of Moldova full and prompt implementing of the framework Convention of the World Health Organization on tobacco control assumed by the Moldova-EU Association Agreement.

(4)   The anticorruption package - The project on the adoption of legislative acts with the amendments necessary to prevent and combat the corruption, conflicts of interest, the prevention of the corruption risks already figured 2 times on the agenda of 2 meetings of Government of 25 and 28 June 2014 to no longer found later in the final versions of the agendas of the Cabinet of the Ministers.

At the same time we ask the cancellation of takeover by the state budget of the debt SRL Glorinal: The Government and Parliament tried in 2013 to promote an identical decision on the company concerned, but it was declared unconstitutional by the Constitutional Court. We are against this decision because there were violated several principles, such as: 1) the adoption of the principle of legality of the normative act (the derogation from the fiscal code, social insurance budget law, the law on public system of social insurance, the law on public debt which do not provide for the way of the derogation pleas raised), 2) the high risk principle of the corruptibility of the individual act of exemption of tax and non-tax payments and taking over the into account the status the private debt (the vagueness and non-transparency initial contractual relationship SRL Glorinal and monastic complex Churchi-the property of status, including the lack of reference to the contractual provisions, found that the volume of services performed and accepted, including the quality), 3) the principle of preferential treatment of a private actor contrary to the law on the state aid (some fiscal exemption obligations, direct support in the amount of over 25 million. lei). This is the second attempt even pose questions about the integrity of politicians.