The right people in the right place - the engine of Tobacco Control Law in Moldova

The right people in the right place - the engine of Tobacco Control Law in Moldova

The right people in the right place - the engine of Tobacco Control Law in Moldova

The news that the Tobacco Control Act was approved in the meeting of the Government, I believe it is the best gift for this year end for all promoters of tobacco control policies and citizens of the Republic of Moldova, which will only benefit on account of the implementation of this act.

After many debates and controversials disputes between supporters and opponents of this bill, it is the public health interest that prevailed today, December 17th, in  the Government meeting chaired by Prime Minister Iurie Leanca.

It is a truly historic event, for that long walk, investing joint efforts, best practices accumulated international experience, desire and own initiative to have a health policy document that would protect children, young people, mothers/women, people in general, exposure to tobacco smoke; constituents regulating rules on tobacco products; rules on packaging and labeling of products containing tobacco advertising bans on tobacco products, measures for reducing demand on addiction and smoking cessation. These are key provisions of the new Law on tobacco control, which derives from the Framework Convention of the World Health Organization on Tobacco Control (FCTC), which the Moldovan Parliament ratified it on 11 May 2007, thus committing endeavor in the fight against the tobacco epidemic.

Accountable for interventions to be further supported, the Government has approved, in turn, a series of acts (Decision no. 100 of 16.02.2012 - national tobacco control program for 2012-2016, one of the objectives which is 100 % approximation of national legislation in the field of tobacco control until 2013 with the FCTC and the acquis communautaire, Decision no. 125 of 30.05.2013 - Government Activity program " the integration EU: Freedom, Democracy , Welfare for the years 2013-2014 ", which stipulates "the approval of tobacco control legislation in accordance with the FCTC", Parliament Decision No. 82 of 12.04.2012 - national Strategy for prevention and Control of Non-communicable Diseases in 2012-2020, which aims to implement FCTC ) and other.

New Law on Tobacco Control comes to help more effective regulation banning smoking in enclosed and semi-enclosed public spaces, protect health from exposure to tobacco smoke and tobacco consumption, placing on the market and marketing of tobacco/prevent access to minors of products tobacco, ban tobacco advertising and promotion, intersectoral collaboration in the field , increasing public awareness and education , accountability for violations.

I would like to bring greetings nominal members of the National Coordinator Council for Tobacco Control headed by Tatiana Potîng, deputy prime minister in charge of social issues (GoM), Mr Eremei Priseajniuc, senior adviser to the prime minister, representatives of the Ministry of Health (Andrei Usatii Minister, Svetlana Cotelea deputy Minister), representatives of the National Center for Public Health (Ion Bahnarel, director, Ion Salaru deputy Director) National Council for Participation (Ostaf Sergiu, president; Antonia Fonari vice-president), Center for Health Policies and Studies (Viorel Soltan , director , Gennady Ţurcanu, Stela Buffalo and Irina Zatusevschi , program coordinators ) academic environment (State University of Medicine and Pharmacy "Nicolae Testemiteanu", the School of Public Health and Management in Ion Ababii person rector, vice rector Oleg Lozan Ms Prof. Galina Obreja), Olga Bîtcă (Center "CReDO" ), the team at e-sanatate platform (which has supported and promoted in the national media campaign "health without tobacco" ), WHO Office for coordination RM (Jarno Habicht director , Silviu Domente, program coordinator ) and all those that attitude, courage and vigilance that showed daily contributed to winning the battle called approval of the Law on Tobacco Control in Moldova ! It was a long way , tortuous , but victorious in the end! We wish you success in implementing the new law.

Victoria Tataru , journalist

Posting on Facebook of the Prime Minister Iurie Leanca, on 17th December 2013:

“Smoking is no longer just a habit. Statistics warns that tobacco is a fearsome foe for a society like ours, which annually loses about  1 billion MDL of this. That is why we decided to propose an unprecedented decision in Moldova, one to save us, but also to aligne to the European standards. The new set of rules is harsh, but justified by the efforts of the whole society to defend itself from the planetary disease. I urge you to read amendamends proposed by the Government. I hope that lawmakers understand our reasons and for the good of all, will vote the same way.”