Public call on transparency selection procedure CNA Director candidates

Public call on transparency selection procedure CNA Director candidates

Public call on transparency selection procedure CNA Director candidates[EN]
Apel public cu privire la asigurarea transparenţei procedurii selectare a candidaţilor la funcţia de Director CNA[RO]
Общественный вызов на прозрачность процедуры отбора CNA директор кандидатов[RU]

Public call on transparency selection procedure CNA Director candidates

The signatories call require legal Parliamentary Committee, Appointments and Immunities (Commission) to ensure transparent procedure for the examination of candidates for Director of National Anti-Corruption Center (NAC). Conditions should ensure transparency tions that satisfy minimum, including: 1) presenting information about each candidate for director of CNA, publicly available information on the Parliament's website, 2) published on Parliament's website each candidate CV (information that will be presented CV approved candidates will contain information as public information) 3) publication on the website of the methodology and criteria for selection of candidates, 4) reserving enough time to conduct reasonable and relevant discussions station in society (through discussion and media specialist) candidates before proceeding to examine candidates Commission (a period of at least 10 days as a minimum essential ) 5) informing society about the place and time of meetings of the Commission organization and purpose of each, including communicating intermediate results. Minimum conditions have their legal basis in law on decisional transparency, Law on Parliamentary Rules and laws on access to information.

Recommended conditions of additional transparency to the minimum listed above: 1) invitation to participate in the work of the Commission at least one representative of civil society (from specialized) as an observer with the right candidates to formulate questions, 2) providing full access (to get acquainted with all materials) to the files of candidates submitted to the Committee members, 3) Civil society representatives may submit proposals to improve the methodology for selecting and presenting arguments on the candidates speak. Recommended conditions stem from the best practices of the Council of Europe countries. Recall Parliament, the Commission, factions and deputies about the important role that was, is and will be civil society organizations in building democracy and human rights in Moldova.

Make reference to only a few examples where the role of civil society has been a significant one: - April 7, 2009, presenting the truth about this specialized committee work and participation in the Events, - Participation in public discussion of strategy development and consolidation of CNA, and amendments to the law on CNA (formerly CCECC) - Participation in the commission of selecting candidates for the position of judge at the ECHR, - Systematic formulation of proposals to amend the legislation in terms of preventing and combating corruption, - Judicial Reform Strategy. Providing the conditions mentioned are necessary for perception of confidence in the whole process of selecting candidates. On 15.09.2012 the deadline for submission of candidates. On 19.09.2012, the Commission announced candidates sitting the examination of cases.

Ostaf Resource Centre for Human Rights (CReDO)
Cornelia Cozonac, Center for Investigative Journalism
Jereghi Institute for Human Rights (IDOM)
Nadejda Hriptievschi, Center for Legal Resources in Moldova (CRJM)
Vitaly Zama, Lawyers for Human Rights
Igor Botan, Association for Participatory Democracy (ADEPT)